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A dream with Max Graham

Tell me why I had the most unrealistic dream ever lol I dreamt I was hiking the mountains with my family and for some reason I started running and I’m at the edge of a cliff. Somehow I slip and I’m literally holding on for my dear life. My parents are panicking lol and all the way at the bottom below me, freaking Max Graham told me to let go, that he was going to catch me. I start crying and I’m like noooo and he keeps telling me to let go, that he promises to catch me if I fall. So I let go and he caught me. I’m freakin crying in my dream and Max Graham is wiping my tears and tells me that I’m ok, and KISSES me! Like we start kissing in my dream!! Then we start holding hands as he walks with me to the top to meet with my family. So crazy but it was still awesome at the same time hahaha a girl can dream right?! ☺️


Pastel Sky, South Australia 
by pureblindingcolour
Echostage, My second home. ♥